Official Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez

Official  Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez
Official website of Stephanie Cole Sanchez

NOW available

NOW available
The folks of Millville made me feel at home...100 miles from home.  I was right outside, at the entrance to the happening hang-out, on one of the best nights (a local told me they'd had the weather hand-delivered just for moi).

As I told my husband, I'm not trying to spread the word as far as my own doorstep -- my family, close friends and I already know this book exists.  Parents, teachers and collectors of autographs ( I see them at every event) remarked they'd seen me in the papers, picked up a copy of the book, swapped stories, asked about how to publish their work (whoah, did they have ideas!) and exchanged information on how they could be reached in the future.  "From me to exit 3" makes a good mantra, and it's becoming more real -- one, visionary (that means you, sympathetic business owners and staff who take the chance to host me) at a time.  Thanks to Amy and the team at this gem of a community hot spot, and yes, signed copies are on