Official Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez

Official  Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez
Official website of Stephanie Cole Sanchez

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NOW available
'Stopped by Books NJ for the yearly, outdoor get-together under the tents.  80 authors of all genres were in force, as was my daughter, who, for the record, does not own an e-reader or tablet to date.  This was an entirely conscious choice since I suspected a.) she wouldn't read anymore if I let her have one, b.) she'd almost exclusively download games (NOT books), c.) I'd never see her again, and d.)  I'd be encouraging use of electronics in private, when I believe they belong in a common space (where I can breeze by, looking over her shoulder).  Will I make my book available digitally one day and become the world's biggest hypocrite?  'Not sure of it.  I'm am sure I don't want her anti-socializing when I know she's only young -- and interested in me -- once.  The paper and print books are working -- she does all her own thinking (just try to hold an argument with her) I will never have proof that she'd have read more if she owned a Crook or a Swindle but I'll always have this photo:

I don't mind she doesn't have an e-reader -- She's already a-reader