Official Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez

Official  Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez
Official website of Stephanie Cole Sanchez

NOW available

NOW available
On March 6, Ribbit! Hop! Bullyfrogs, Stop!
 will be one year old.
At first, this book-writing business felt like sending out a baby and cringing as I waited for it to be called ugly and stupid.  It mattered.

Then, as pursuits (work and home are farely legit ones) took a front seat, excitement, concern and hard work quietly took off their lapbelts and climbed over to sprawl out in the back. 

But just as it states in my running blog, motivation is not always going to be present.  That's where discipline comes in.  So, once I "laced up" my marketing shoes and began a second round of the grind (That one's for you, coffee bars -- call me. {wink}), it may not have felt like the baby, but it was, at the least, a net, hopefully fixing t0 bring something in.  In two days I "caught"my first lead in response to a flyer I mailed and have a business meeting tonight. 

I can bring the minimum and map-out for him what I usually do, or I can be ready with a bunch of crazy, new stuff just in case he vibes.  By the way, this is a location that previously didn't respond to my last effort and which changed management (I hopped on this when I noticed the name on the sign change).  I knew it might be a new person, and that person hadn't met me yet, so they're getting a flyer. 

The size of the net is up to me, it determines how much will come back, and the process may not always have me dancing.  But I will put it the work because even if I don't always feel like it's my baby...I know it is(Oh, and I'm starting to get excited again.  Well, I'm getting enraged because I want to pluck my eyebrows and can't find my tweezers, so I guess that's pretty good...)


The folks of Millville made me feel at home...100 miles from home.  I was right outside, at the entrance to the happening hang-out, on one of the best nights (a local told me they'd had the weather hand-delivered just for moi).

As I told my husband, I'm not trying to spread the word as far as my own doorstep -- my family, close friends and I already know this book exists.  Parents, teachers and collectors of autographs ( I see them at every event) remarked they'd seen me in the papers, picked up a copy of the book, swapped stories, asked about how to publish their work (whoah, did they have ideas!) and exchanged information on how they could be reached in the future.  "From me to exit 3" makes a good mantra, and it's becoming more real -- one, visionary (that means you, sympathetic business owners and staff who take the chance to host me) at a time.  Thanks to Amy and the team at this gem of a community hot spot, and yes, signed copies are on

'Stopped by Books NJ for the yearly, outdoor get-together under the tents.  80 authors of all genres were in force, as was my daughter, who, for the record, does not own an e-reader or tablet to date.  This was an entirely conscious choice since I suspected a.) she wouldn't read anymore if I let her have one, b.) she'd almost exclusively download games (NOT books), c.) I'd never see her again, and d.)  I'd be encouraging use of electronics in private, when I believe they belong in a common space (where I can breeze by, looking over her shoulder).  Will I make my book available digitally one day and become the world's biggest hypocrite?  'Not sure of it.  I'm am sure I don't want her anti-socializing when I know she's only young -- and interested in me -- once.  The paper and print books are working -- she does all her own thinking (just try to hold an argument with her) I will never have proof that she'd have read more if she owned a Crook or a Swindle but I'll always have this photo:

I don't mind she doesn't have an e-reader -- She's already a-reader

They  left the light on for  me

'A great time at Well Read Books,  Hawthorne today.  "Thanks", to Bill, Mary Ann and Rosemary for setting me up -- I learn something every time I walk into their beautiful shop.  The displays on wheels rolled out of the way, the huge, colorful rug came out and you know what came next:  we got down to the business of obliterating bullying! 

'Sorry if I missed you, but not to worry:  Bill and Mary Ann thought of everything, holding on to SIGNED COPIES for you.  425 Lafayette Street.

fanatics everywhere I go

A successful event is not measured by the amount of books sold (and I don't just say that so you can say, "of course, you'd say that").  Did I learn something?  Did I meet new people?  Was I pointed in the direction of someone/something that could help me?  Did I meet young people who want to know about my subject or about how to publish a subject in which they're interested?  Whether it was humbling or electrifying, it must be eye-opening. This is about swag, people; swerve.  If you don't know, now you know.  I'm selling myself, not books.  The books will come, errr, go...oh, you know what I mean!