Official Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez

Official  Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez
Official website of Stephanie Cole Sanchez

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NOW available
On March 6, Ribbit! Hop! Bullyfrogs, Stop!
 will be one year old.
At first, this book-writing business felt like sending out a baby and cringing as I waited for it to be called ugly and stupid.  It mattered.

Then, as pursuits (work and home are farely legit ones) took a front seat, excitement, concern and hard work quietly took off their lapbelts and climbed over to sprawl out in the back. 

But just as it states in my running blog, motivation is not always going to be present.  That's where discipline comes in.  So, once I "laced up" my marketing shoes and began a second round of the grind (That one's for you, coffee bars -- call me. {wink}), it may not have felt like the baby, but it was, at the least, a net, hopefully fixing t0 bring something in.  In two days I "caught"my first lead in response to a flyer I mailed and have a business meeting tonight. 

I can bring the minimum and map-out for him what I usually do, or I can be ready with a bunch of crazy, new stuff just in case he vibes.  By the way, this is a location that previously didn't respond to my last effort and which changed management (I hopped on this when I noticed the name on the sign change).  I knew it might be a new person, and that person hadn't met me yet, so they're getting a flyer. 

The size of the net is up to me, it determines how much will come back, and the process may not always have me dancing.  But I will put it the work because even if I don't always feel like it's my baby...I know it is(Oh, and I'm starting to get excited again.  Well, I'm getting enraged because I want to pluck my eyebrows and can't find my tweezers, so I guess that's pretty good...)