Official Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez

Official  Website of author Stephanie Cole Sanchez
Official website of Stephanie Cole Sanchez

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NOW available
Today was productive.  Wait. No, today was rewarding. Every day since January has been productive. That's why I'm tired! And I have no bedtime! Or  lunchtime! Or ANY time!

I heard from a bookstore for a signing (and stocking!) -- a bookstore! Do you know what they sell!  Some press has gotten back about running some stuff.  I'm news! I also dropped off copies of Stop to my May cafe' venue -- they want to put them out at an event for another author tomorrow. Genious!

Speaking of, I can't look at anything -- anything without thinking of how it applies to marketing this baby of mine.  I saw a flyer for a clown and I thought, "I gotta' do birthday parties." Then another voice said, "You barely have time, let alone, remember to get your kids to their friends' birthday parties." At least the wheels are spinning. I hope they're wheels. I feel something spinning.

'Something you've been wanting to do? Get  crackin'.